Salvaged Materials Create A Table. Is This Art?

A few years ago I found a marble top that was junked and thrown away. It was forgotten in my attic for many years.

In 2019 a family friend was throwing away an old sewing machine that must have been used in New Haven, CT when manufacturing was prominent.

I re-purposed the industrial sewing machine base and added the marble countertop.

Some would say furniture is art. The Yale Art Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC have extensive furniture collections.

Words Can Be Art

Created in 2019. This is acrylic paint on canvas. Words were penciled in. Layers of light paint were used before a matte black paint was put on. A final gloss was put as a top layer once everything was dry to protect and give the painting a good sheen.

This art piece looks simple, but painting and drying in layers takes patience.

We have this by the main door we use to enter and exit our house. It reminds us to just be happy.

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Art has always been an important part of my life. Aside from having fun offering you items that I find to sell (helps to support the art habit!), I will also post doodles, musings, art, etc. Enjoy!