The Face Mask – Wearable Art

In parts of Connecticut, like New Haven City, masks are now compulsory for retailers.

There is a mask shortage in the surrounding areas.

Luckily, deficiencies can create worry, but it can also spark creativity from necessity.

Fifteen years ago I was a newlywed. I bought a sewing machine because I had dreams that it would inspire me to make clothes, tapestries, etc. Those hopes never went into fruition and the sewing machine stayed in our hall closet.

Fast forward to today, that sewing machine has finally found it’s purpose. I have created wearable “art” using my family’s once loved shirts into face masks.

Old t-shirts make the best fabric because they are soft, comfortable, usually memorable and well loved.

My family masks are not perfect. The stitching is uneven. The pattern is from my imagination, but they spark memories in the shirts we use to wear. They also follow the mandatory mask wearing initiative.

This mask came from a shirt from Assisi, Italy. It reminds me of happy family vacations.

This mask reminds me of Edinburgh, Scotland. We loved visiting the city a few years back. It is a mask that doubles as a scarflette.

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