Mobile School Teacher Mom is Demoted to Substitute Teacher

When I started mobile teaching (aka home teaching) my kids during the pandemic, I always envisioned that I would act as the Principal. I would delegate and everything would be calm as their teachers were sending instructions of work online.

I was so wrong!! I have suddenly become the substitute teacher who does not know anything. In school comedies the substitute teacher always was the butt of the jokes and got the grief.

Since mobile schooling I now see what an unappreciated substitute teacher is like. I keep on getting comments like, “My teacher didn’t teach us to do math that way.”; “I can’t write that way, my teacher doesn’t do that.”; “I can’t use my school computer for mobile schooling.”; “I didn’t learn that yet from my teacher!”; “You are mean!”; and lastly, “You can’t do that you aren’t my teacher!”

I am taking it day by day, as teaching is a definite challenge and learning experience!

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