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Item of the Week – Vintage Malcolm Starr Elinor Simmons Embroidered 2 Piece Dress + Jacket Set – SOLD

Malcolm Starr was a New York manufacturer and designer who reached the height of fame in the 1950s and 1960s.

He was known for embellished and embroidered 2 piece dress sets.

In 2008, the year of Malcolm Starr’s death, Women’s Wear Daily wrote: “The dress company he operated, Malcolm Starr, was started in the Forties by his father, Frank, a well-known figure in the textile industry. During that period, the family was one of the first to lease factories in India and China for manufacturing, and also operated boutiques in Hong Kong and Japan.

“Even members of the royal family in Japan wore his fashions,” said Starr’s sister, Gloria Starr Kins. “They were the number-one country club set dresses. You would always see at least 30 percent of the women in any elite country club wearing a Malcolm Starr.””

Today, my favorite item up for sale is an embroidered Malcolm Starr 2 piece dress set.   malcolm2  malcolm4  malcolm6 malcolm7 malcolm8


I feel a kinship to Malcolm Starr because of the Asian influences of some of his designs, like this piece.  He also lived and died in my adopted home state Connecticut!