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Star Wars Darth Vader Lucas Voice Changer Talking Mask Helmet Adult Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching! Right now my favorite item of the week is a voice changer mask from Lucas Film.

It is Darth Vader at his best! You have preset voices from the original movies. You also have the option of having fun and “Darthafying” your voice!

I had so much fun with this full head mask. Star Wars fans can use it all year round!

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My Favorite Item: Vintage 1971 Fisher Price Wind Up Music Clock Toy – Swiss Made Music

This vintage 1971 Fisher Price wind up music clock toy, with an interior Swiss made music box, is such a collectible!

I was a little sad to let this toy go as my younger son grew very attached to it.  For awhile he would wind it up during bed time, and the 1971 Swiss music box would sing him to sleep.

Eventually he decided that he was ready to move on from Hickory, Dickory, Dock….

I am currently selling it on Ebay.

Here is a video of this awesome musical toy.