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When a Cat Leaves You Dead “Gifts”

Cats bearing gifts mean they love you.

Cats bearing gifts mean they love you.

Yesterday evening my husband came home and found a dead rabbit on our doorsteps.  From a bush he heard meowing and rustling.

It’s a belief that cats leave “presents” to those they like.

I am so happy that I wasn’t the one who made the “discovery”.  I would have screamed non-stop and ran away if I found the rabbit.   Paranoia also would have fill my mind because there is an old wives tale that says if you find a dead rabbit you will become pregnant or you are pregnant!  I love my two kids and can not imagine another one coming our way!

The neighborhood cat needs to leave us alone!




The Significance of a White Butterfly and My Dream Conversation with My Father

I just saw a white butterfly fly by me and it made me smile.

Italians and Filipinos have a similar belief about white butterfly sightings. When you see one it means an angel or a loved one who is no longer with us is near.

Whether the belief is true or not it reminds me of my father who died of cancer a few years ago.

While cleaning out my desk I came across a short poem/story that I wrote 5 years ago after I had a dream of my Dad. In my dream I asked my father how he was doing and he explained what happened to him.  Today is Memorial Day and I thought this post was timely.  I hope you enjoy it.

When I died….

I became a butterfly. Gently floating in the sky.

I wanted to be near the ones I loved.

God gave me this by making me die.

They cried when they saw me in my grave.

What they didn’t see was I actually was saved.

I’ll never leave or be far from the ones I love.

When I look at them from heaven above.

In the Philippines there is a saying about death. Death is not final it is just a change of address.