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Etsy as a Selling Platform

I have heard from several online sellers that they simultaneously use Ebay and Etsy. The items they are selling determine which platform they decide to use.

For vintage collectibles, apparel and accessories they use Etsy.  For modern and more current merchandise they use Ebay as a platform.
etsyFor the last few months I have started to experiment with Etsy.  I know there is a social media component to Etsy that I am still trying to get use to.  With Ebay you simply list and then you can leave your item for Ebay to do the rest.

Successful Etsy sellers have advised me that you must actively promote your item and be on top of social media to truly take advantage of Etsy as a selling platform.  A few days ago I made my first sale on Etsy.  I plan on listing more items to see where this new sales adventure will take me!


The Next New Social Media

Old school talking face to face is the new "thing".

Old school talking face to face is the new “thing”.

There are so many different types of social media networks out there.    Whether it is instagraming, tweeting or going on Facebook, or even blogging.

Sometimes I think the good old fashion way of talking in person is the most effective.  In today’s society people old and young just don’t talk like they use to.  They are always on their phone, tablet and computer.

I really believe that the future forecasts and trends will be companies encouraging talking face to face!