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When a Cat Leaves You Dead “Gifts”

Cats bearing gifts mean they love you.

Cats bearing gifts mean they love you.

Yesterday evening my husband came home and found a dead rabbit on our doorsteps.  From a bush he heard meowing and rustling.

It’s a belief that cats leave “presents” to those they like.

I am so happy that I wasn’t the one who made the “discovery”.  I would have screamed non-stop and ran away if I found the rabbit.   Paranoia also would have fill my mind because there is an old wives tale that says if you find a dead rabbit you will become pregnant or you are pregnant!  I love my two kids and can not imagine another one coming our way!

The neighborhood cat needs to leave us alone!




Beware…Asian Lady Driver

I am an Asian lady.  I drive.

Sometimes when I drive I see other drivers with a sticker or suction sign that says, “Baby on Board”.  This is a sign that is cute, but warns others to be careful because of a precious passenger.

Baby on Board

I often think that I should get a sign that says, “Asian Lady Driver”.  This notice would warn others of my bad driving as a stereotypical Asian lady driver.

Asian Lady Driver...Beware!

Years ago my sister and I drove from New York to Boston.  We were stopped by the police for driving too slow, and we also discovered that we forgot our license! (Click on this link to read the story!)

So if you see me on the road…beware!