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My Favorite Item of the Week: Pareos Etc Mexico Frieda (Frida)Kahlo Monkey Painting Shawl Sarong Wrap 62 x 45 – SOLD

Processed with MoldivThis week I have been thinking of art and Frieda Kahlo.  My sister Angela, of the lifestyle blog LeLopez, recently visited Frieda’s home in Mexico City.

I was inspired and found a Pareos Etc Mexico Frieda Kahlo Monkey Painting Shawl Sarong Wrap 62 x 45 inches.  I am offering it for sale right now.




When Things Don’t Sell You Can Still Have Fun With The Item!

There are times that I have overstock inventory.  As much as I try to sell an item it just does not move.

One dress in particular that could not find any buyers was a vintage 1970’s Pierre Saphir Bohemian dress.  It had the greatest quilt work and unique colors.  It was also very flattering when worn.


In the end it was great that this dress did not move as it was a crucial part of my Halloween costume!  It helped bring out my inner Frida Kahlo, one of my favorite artists.

Processed with Moldiv

Non-saleable stock can be a bummer, but you can still find the value and fun in them!

Today that dress can be seen worn by a very fashionable Italian lady that I am proud to call my mother-in-law.   When she wears the dress in the warmer months I will surely highlight it in this site!