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New Ebay Store For Tindashop

Yesterday I took the leap of faith from becoming a regular Ebay seller to opening an Ebay Store.  Please come and visit as I will be listing new items daily!

Variety shopping is my focus so you will find things for all genders and ages!  Here and there I’ll include antiques, collectibles and toys.




Charlie Higson – The Enemy Series Book 5 (The Fallen) and Book 6 (The Hunted) – SOLD

My goal with Tindashop is to offer a shopping experience that includes variety.  Once in awhile I will offer books that I love.

For those who have not read the “Enemy Series” by Charlie Higson, I highly recommend this series.  It is set in London and it is like William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” mixed with zombies.  There are 6 books out to date, and in 2016 the final book is due to be published.

In Ebay I am offering book 5, “The Fallen”, and book 6, “The Hunted”.  Both books are page turners that will keep you asking for more.  “The Hunted” is not even out in the USA.  The book I have in stock is the paperback UK edition.