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Tradesy and Poshmark As An Ebay Alternative

For  the last 15 years I have been selling items online via Ebay.  At one point, when I was doing it full time, I was an Ebay Power Seller.

Ebay in the late 1990s was a place where budding entrepreneurs discovered that they could sell, and the sky was the limit.

Ebay allowed all sellers to list their hearts desire if your items fit their specifications like, authenticity, safeness, etc.

Today, even if you have great products, good feedback and an honest track level, Ebay puts a selling and earning limits for it’s sellers, especially the smaller ones.

Luckily there are other platforms where you can sell clothing, shoes and accessories, like Tradesy and Poshmark.  I love learning and seeing what new ecommerce alternatives are out there that help online sellers.

Tradesy allows you to post items via their phone app or online with the use of your computer.  What’s cool is that they “clean” your pictures after you list an item, making photos look more professional and web ready.


Poshmark listings can only be made by their phone app at this time.  There is also a strong social media aspect where you join parties, follow and promote your listings and other “Poshers” listings.  You must actively follow other sellers and join parties to successfully sell your items.


Both Tradesy and Poshmark allow you to post merchandise for sale for free.  When the sale happens Tradesy gets a 9% cut and sends you a mailing label or mailing kit.  Poshmark charges you 20% for a sale and also emails you a mailing label.

Late October 2014 I started to post a few items for sale on both Tradesy and Poshmark.  A few days after posting my first few Poshmark listings, I made my first two sales.  So far my Poshmark “store” has been quiet, but I am building my followers.  I am hoping that this will be a viable sales tool, but only time will tell.

Tradesy has been very quiet for me.  I have not gotten much interest from buyers.  I contacted a couple of sellers to ask what their selling experience has been on Tradesy since I have not made a sale yet.  The sellers admitted that they cross list items via Ebay still because Tradesy has not given them much buyers yet.  Since Tradesy is a newer sight it appears that their traffic is not that high for fashion sellers.

It’s too early to tell which alternate sales platform is superior.  Since Ebay still has a higher amount of traffic I will likely still use it as a sales tool because traffic usually equals to sales.

Despite the selling limits that Ebay places on it’s sellers, the positive thing about Ebay is that you can list items that fall outside the women’s fashion category.  For instance, if you have an older IPhone, you can sell it on Ebay and make a good profit.  At this time both Tradesy and Poshmark only allow you to sell women’s wear.

My goal is not to give up on Ebay, but to find other methods of selling my wares simultaneously where I am not limited to an Ebay sales or earning quota.  I have also dabbled with, but that is a story for another day.

Let the fun, sale and learning begin!


When Things Don’t Sell You Can Still Have Fun With The Item!

There are times that I have overstock inventory.  As much as I try to sell an item it just does not move.

One dress in particular that could not find any buyers was a vintage 1970’s Pierre Saphir Bohemian dress.  It had the greatest quilt work and unique colors.  It was also very flattering when worn.


In the end it was great that this dress did not move as it was a crucial part of my Halloween costume!  It helped bring out my inner Frida Kahlo, one of my favorite artists.

Processed with Moldiv

Non-saleable stock can be a bummer, but you can still find the value and fun in them!

Today that dress can be seen worn by a very fashionable Italian lady that I am proud to call my mother-in-law.   When she wears the dress in the warmer months I will surely highlight it in this site!