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Favorite Item of the Week: Authentic Coogi Australia $600 Mercerised Cotton Knit Sweater Size 2X -SOLD

This week I have been loving vintage Coogi sweaters.  They became very popular in the 1990s for their computer generated psychedelic knit designs.  The original Aussie sweater would retail for over $600.

There have been many other retailers that have tried to copy the Coogi knit, but there is only one Australian original!

Today my favorite listing is a $600 authentic Coogi sweater that I am selling for only $70! – SOLD

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Why I Love The North Face….The North Face Life Time Warranty – SOLD

Once upon a time I bought a brand new The North Face Denali fleece jacket for my child.

One day the zipper pull broke.  I forgot about the jacket and stored it.

Recently, I found the jacket again, and decided to see if The North Face could help me out with the zipper issue.

The North Face is one of the few companies that have a life time warranty and stand behind their product’s quality.  If you are the original owner of certain specified products you can contact The North Face directly for their help.

I started the warranty process by first emailing the North Face consumer service at   I wanted to make sure that the jacket was fixable under their warranty so I sent them pictures of my jacket and highlighted the damage.

northface1 northface2In a day or so, I got the following response via email: “Please print out our Warranty Return Form and send your item to our Warranty Department for evaluation. Below is the link to the Warranty Return Form.
When sending the item to the Warranty Department, please follow these steps to ensure timely processing of your item:
· Please ship to us prepaid. Collect packages will be refused.
· Please insure your package for full replacement value.
· Please clean your item prior to sending
· Please mark the areas in question on the product with colored tape or masking tape.
For further information on our warranty policy and repair guidelines please visit our Warranty/Product Guarantee page on our website.
Again, thank you for contacting The North Face. If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can also contact a Warranty representative directly by calling 1 (855) 500-8639, (Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. PST) or by email:

I paid around $7 to send the jacket via Priority Mail.  USPS includes an automatic $50 insurance in cases of damaged or stolen mail.  I also was able to track my package from drop off to when it arrived at The North Face office.

When The North Face received and processed the jacket they sent me an email that had the subject “Warranty Return Receipt of Product Notification​”.  This email included a case number and it advised that I would receive the jacket back in 6-8 weeks.  Shipping would be covered by The North Face.

I was so impressed when I received an email a few days ago with the subject line “North Face Shipment Notificati​on”.  In the email The North Face included a tracking number that showed when I would be received the jacket.

And voila…today I received the Denali jacket with the repaired zipper!  The North Face received the broken jacket on October 31.  Today is November 21.  That means that their turn around time was less than a month rather than the 6-8 weeks that they originally mentioned.

The fact that The North Face stands behind their products is such an incentive for me to buy from them in the future.

As for this particular jacket, it is now too small for my child so it is now ready for you to buy on Ebay! – SOLD

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