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Beware…Asian Lady Driver

I am an Asian lady.  I drive.

Sometimes when I drive I see other drivers with a sticker or suction sign that says, “Baby on Board”.  This is a sign that is cute, but warns others to be careful because of a precious passenger.

Baby on Board

I often think that I should get a sign that says, “Asian Lady Driver”.  This notice would warn others of my bad driving as a stereotypical Asian lady driver.

Asian Lady Driver...Beware!

Years ago my sister and I drove from New York to Boston.  We were stopped by the police for driving too slow, and we also discovered that we forgot our license! (Click on this link to read the story!)

So if you see me on the road…beware!




How to Stop Thumb Sucking in Kids — How Johnny Walker Black Scotch Helped Me Stop Sucking My Thumb.

When I was a kid I had a love affair with my thumb. I couldn’t break the habit on my own because I did not find a reason to. I was one of those kids who was made to stop the thumb sucking by force. I admit it, I was an addict, but I finally stopped at age 7.

My parents tried all the different ways to stop my thumb sucking habit. They bribed me, got mad at me, put pepper on my finger to name a few of the tactics.


The only method that finally worked was one that my Dad dubbed as the “Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch Thumb Sucker Stopper”. I think he came up with it after consuming his favorite beverage.


What you need are two scotch boxes and a pair of scissors. Cut a hole on each end of the box so it looks like a sleeve. Put the boxes on each of your thumb sucker’s arms. The boxes will prevent your child from bending their arms and putting the desired thumb in the mouth.


I looked a little silly sleeping with scotch boxes on my arms, but after a week I was cured! I was no longer a thumb sucker.

I don’t remember why I never removed the boxes while I was sleeping, but maybe the younger me did not want them off so I could break the thumb sucking habit permanently.

I am so relieved that my kids are not thumb suckers. If they were to become addicted to the thumb I would have no hesitation on using the “Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch Thumb Sucker Stopper”. I highly recommend this method to stop thumb sucking.