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Your Filipina Must Be Broken

I am Filipino and proud of it.  I was born and raised for most of my life in the beautiful island of the Philippines.

When I was younger we would vacation in the US and eventually I went to university, got a job, got married and stayed in the US.

Even though there are many Filipinos in the USA you sometimes get people thinking that all Philippine born people are living in grass huts and subservient.

One day a Philippine American man married to a Caucasian lady, went up to my husband and said, “You are so lucky to be married to a Filipina!  They clean so well!”

My husband, who has been to the Philippines a number of times and knows that there are many types of Filipinos, jokingly replied, “Mine must be broken!”

Yes, I love a clean house, but I hate housework!  How is that for debunking a stereotype?!

You are so lucky you married a Filipina.  They clean so well!

You are so lucky you married a Filipina. They clean so well!



When a Cat Leaves You Dead “Gifts”

Cats bearing gifts mean they love you.

Cats bearing gifts mean they love you.

Yesterday evening my husband came home and found a dead rabbit on our doorsteps.  From a bush he heard meowing and rustling.

It’s a belief that cats leave “presents” to those they like.

I am so happy that I wasn’t the one who made the “discovery”.  I would have screamed non-stop and ran away if I found the rabbit.   Paranoia also would have fill my mind because there is an old wives tale that says if you find a dead rabbit you will become pregnant or you are pregnant!  I love my two kids and can not imagine another one coming our way!

The neighborhood cat needs to leave us alone!