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Bonanza As An Ebay Selling Platform Alternative

When you sell on Ebay you often try to find “Ebay alternatives” to sell your wares.  The goal is to simultaneous list in several platforms to increase one’s monthly sales.

I know of online sellers who sell on Amazon, Etsy and Ebay at the same time to take advantage of each selling platforms features and traffic.

Bonanza has been around since 2007, but from what I have heard their traffic is still slower than EBay’s.

For people selling on Ebay though, Bonanza makes it easy to transfer your existing listings with a push of a Bonanza transfer button.  Listing is free and their commission is 3.5% of final value or a flat rate of $0.50 (they take which ever is higher.)

I just opened a “Bonanza Booth” see if it really is a good “Ebay Alternative”.  If I can sell a few items consistently I plan to use it as a selling platform permanently.

Visit me at or press the picture below!


8/31/2015 –  My listings have been in Bonanza for 5 months and I have not made any sales.  For my listings, which primarily consist of branded items and collectibles, Bonanza is not a great platform.  For now I am sticking with Ebay!


Etsy as a Selling Platform

I have heard from several online sellers that they simultaneously use Ebay and Etsy. The items they are selling determine which platform they decide to use.

For vintage collectibles, apparel and accessories they use Etsy.  For modern and more current merchandise they use Ebay as a platform.
etsyFor the last few months I have started to experiment with Etsy.  I know there is a social media component to Etsy that I am still trying to get use to.  With Ebay you simply list and then you can leave your item for Ebay to do the rest.

Successful Etsy sellers have advised me that you must actively promote your item and be on top of social media to truly take advantage of Etsy as a selling platform.  A few days ago I made my first sale on Etsy.  I plan on listing more items to see where this new sales adventure will take me!